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Chip Kelly to the Eagles, Marc Trestman to the Bears: Coaching madness open thread

Well, today has been nuts. This is your open thread to discuss Chip Kelly's move to the Eagles and Marc Trestman's move to the Bears


It's been an absolutely insane day in the NFL so far, and it might get even crazier. Last night, at around 2:30 in the morning, the Bears announced that they had hired Montreal Allouettes coach Marc Trestman as their head coach. He was a successful offensive coordinator in the NFL before moving up north to win a few Grey Cups. He could be a revelation or a disaster. It's tough to tell. Personally, I think he might turn out to be a great hire. But, of course, that's nothing compared to the Chip Kelly bomb.

Everyone expected Phil Knight to throw down enough cash to keep him, but it turns out that Kelly couldn't resist the allure of the NFL. The highly touted Oregon Ducks coach will coach the Philadelphia Eagles next season. The Eagles have interviewed an insane number of candidates, probably because they were counting on Knight preventing them from getting your man.

Ken Wisenhunt might have a new job today as well. Jason Garrett might get canned. It's NFL mutiny.

This is your open thread to discuss today's madness.