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Expect Tom Clements to return as Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator

Tom Clements interviewed for the Chicago Bears' head coaching job, which he didn't get, and he'll probably remain in Green Bay.

Jonathan Daniel

You may have seen earlier today that the Chicago Bears have hired Marc Trestman as their new head coach. Early in their coaching search, just a couple of days after Lovie Smith was relieved of his duties as Bears coach, the team requested to interview Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements. He interviewed, and obviously, was not ultimately selected for the job.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette's Wes Hodkeiwicz talked to Clements today, and it looks like he'll be in Green Bay next year.

Obviously a lot can still change, but it seems likely that the Packers won't be losing two consecutive coordinators in two consecutive years. The talent and coaching structure is in place for Clements to continue to succeed, however, and his stock remains high. He'll probably get at least another interview or two, if not a shot at a head coaching job, at some point in his career.