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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 2, 2013

Fresh for the new year with news about Charles Woodson, Packers' assistants interviewing for other jobs, and starting draft analysis early.

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Jonathan Daniel

Welcome to 2013, and once again the year opens with a disappointing performance by the Big Ten in New Years' Day bowl games. Also, it seems that about half the teams around the NFL now have openings in either their GM or head coaching positions, so it's probably a good time to be Chip Kelly right now. Anyway, on to the links!

Packers' Woodson cleared to play against Vikings - JSOnline
We'll probably have more on this story as the week goes on, but Chuckles is back. The Packers will certainly find his tackling ability useful on Saturday against Adrian Peterson.

Packers often deny assistants permission to interview with other teams - JSOnline
As they should - the Packers have great depth in their coaching staff and have every right to try to retain their coaches' services.

Can Packers slow down Vikings RB Adrian Peterson? - GB Press-Gazette
Can they? Yes. The better question is "will they".

Here's some variety from SBNation:

NFL coaching rumors: Teams searching for new leaders -
Keep up with all the NFL coaching searches at the main NFL storystream. In the past day, we've gone from "ANDY REID WILL COACH THE CARDINALS" to "LOL NOPE". This should be fun.

NFL year in review: The five biggest stories from 2012 -
The mothership also did a piece on the most important news items of the 2012 NFL season. I would have put the replacement referee issue as its own story, but that's just me.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Chiefs go with QB No. 1 -
The first mock draft of the year is up at the mothership, with West Virginia QB Geno Smith projected first to the Chiefs. I personally don't think Geno's worthy of the top pick, but as usual, need could come before value at the top of the draft.

Hit of 2013, already: Jadeveon Clowney obliterates Michigan -
The use of Jadeveon Clowney has just been declared a war crime by the United Nations. Seriously, the guy's only a sophomore. If he's not the #1 pick in the 2014 draft, I'll be shocked.

That's all, folks! Enjoy what is likely your first work day of the new year with a nice, long lunch break.