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Senior Bowl 2013: Recapping Day 3 practice

The notes are thin, but they're there, and they're useful.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Bowl practice is still going on, and there are various SB Nation sites that have guys on the ground in Alabama. I, unfortunately, could not take time off to make a trip to Alabama. I'm sure you guys understand. Here's a recap of what went down, compiled from BJ Kissel's North practice report and his South practice report.

- WR Chris Harper has been consistently good

- QB Mike Glennon showed off a good deep ball on Wednesday, while QB Ryan Nassib was not as good as in previous days

- DT Brandon Williams, who played in DII, is improving his stock

- DLs Lavar Edwards, Montori Hughes had impressive showings

- WR Quinton Patton was awesome again. He's drawn some comparisons to Greg Jennings.

This was the last Senior Bowl practice in pads. The next couple of days are just walkthroughs before Saturday's game. I'll be watching the game on Saturday, so it'll be all original opinion and not simply trusting the judgment of others from here on in.