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Super Bowl 2013: Clay Matthews will join television coverage

Get ready to see your favorite pass-rushing outside linebacker in a suit. Clay Matthews is going to be a part of Super Bowl pregame TV coverage.

Thearon W. Henderson

The ever-popular and charismatic Clay Matthews has picked up a few endorsement spots in recent years, allowing him to work on his on-camera skills. Even though he's a young player with a whole lot of great football ahead of him he'll continue working on a possible future career, polishing those skills further when he spends some time on television during Super Bowl Sunday.

We'll find out exactly what this entails on the day of the game. It would be cool if Matthews actually got to spend an extended period of time on the set talking about the game and football in general. Of course, this could just be a one-segment guest spot. Who knows.

In any event, it will be very amusing to see Clay Matthews in a suit, talking on live television.