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Jeff Saturday retiring after 14 NFL seasons

Green Bay Packers center Jeff Saturday won't be returning, to the Pack or any team.


Green Bay Packers' center Jeff Saturday had previously stated that he would wait until after this weekend's Pro Bowl before deciding whether or not he would retire, but he's gone back on that statement, instead indicating ahead of the game that he'll be hanging up his cleats after 14 NFL seasons. Saturday went on 1070 Radio in Indianapolis and admitted that he'd already come to a decision.

"That's it ... we'll finish it with sunsets in Hawaii and call it a much better career than I would have anticipated."

Though Saturday was elected to the Pro Bowl by fans, he was not the best version of himself this season and appeared to have lost a bit of his physical ability. He was replaced at center by Evan Dietrich-Smith late in the season. Fortunately, Saturday will not be remembered for that, but instead for his spectacular seasons in Indianapolis. He played for the Colts for 13 seasons, making the Pro Bowl six times and winning one Super Bowl.

Saturday was one of the best centers to ever play the game, and though he did not meet expectations for the Packers this season, he handled his benching with as much class as possible and I'll remember him fondly.