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Super Bowl 2013: Media Day Coverage From Around SB Nation

Fooch of Niners Nation and others from around SB Nation are attending today's Super Bowl Media Day. Keep up with the goings-on here.

Michael Heiman

Like any Packers fan, I'm not as interested in the Super Bowl as I would be if Green Bay were playing in New Orleans this week. However, that doesn't mean that I'm completely disinterested, as there are a variety of storylines around this game that intrigue me. With that in mind, we have a whole slate of people at SB Nation who are in attendance at today's Super Bowl Media Day and will be updating regularly.

Coverage began just a few minutes ago on NFL Network and, and that is probably your best bet to follow all the interviews and action. If you want more sporadic updates, take a look at the Twitter feed from David Fucillo of Niners Nation embedded at the bottom of the page.

As for the events of the day, Joe Flacco has already made some waves with some interview comments earlier today, but if you ask me it's a little blown out of proportion. Stay tuned for more awesome controversy!

Here's all the coverage from the mothership at