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2013 Super Bowl: Favorite Big Game Memories

The APC contributors take a look back at their favorite moments from the Packers four Super Bowl wins, though each of us has only been alive for the past two championships. Come check out our memories and include your own in the comments.

Jamie Squire

With Sunday rapidly approaching and the Packers not participating in this year's Super Bowl, we decided to take a look back at each of our favorite memories of Super Bowls past. Please add yours in the comments, and we'll take a little look back through Packers history.


Super Bowl XXXI took place at a critical time in my youth, and I'll never forget the memories of my family's and my excitement watching Brett Favre, Desmond Howard, and Reggie White lead the Packers to victory in the Louisiana Superdome. However, my favorite memories are actually from Super Bowl XLV two years ago.

You see, I had just graduated from the University of Wisconsin in the summer of 2010 and started a new life in Ohio. One of the first things I checked into upon making the decision to take a job and move there was find out if there was a Packers bar in the area; there is one, of course, and I have watched nearly every Packers game there since I arrived. In Super Bowl XLV, the particular plays that stand out to me were Aaron Rodgers' absurd touchdown throw to Greg Jennings and Clay Matthews' forced fumble on Rashard Mendenhall; but my favorite memories of that Super Bowl is watching that entire victory just a few short months after moving to my new home and being able to celebrate a championship with my new closest friends.


It won't be a unique memory around these parts, but the events of Super Bowl XXXI are my all-time favorite, mostly because of my age. I'm old enough that I have some memories of previous Super Bowls, but I'm young enough that the Packers' first Super Bowl win since the 1960s was my first real vivid memory. The MVP of that game was Desmond Howard, for his awesome kick return, but the thing I remember most about that game were Andre Bad Moon Rison's two big receptions. His 54-yard touchdown catch is one of my favorite football plays ever.


My favorite Super Bowl memory is the Nick Collins pick 6 in Super Bowl 45. For me that was the moment that it really started to sink in that the Packers could pull this thing off. Of course as we all know the Packers weren't able to completely pull away from the Steelers in that game, but it was still one of those plays which foreshadowed the victory that was to come. Additionally I have always had a soft spot for Collins and hoped that he could be the second coming of LeRoy Butler for the defense. It's disappointing that his career had to be cut short, but at least he was able to have that SB win and critical play in the biggest game of his career.


As a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, I understand that I have been lucky to inherit the DNA that allows me to root for such a successful franchise. I am fairly young as well (23) which means that I have a handful of epic Super Bowl memories to recall. My favorite Super Bowl moment came at a time where everything else seemed so much better, the 1990s.

January 26, 1997 played host to my favorite Super Bowl memories: Super Bowl XXXI. The Packers took a 35-21 win over the New England Patriots in the Superdome. All I can remember is Brett Favre hitting Antonio Freeman for that 81-yard TD that put Green Bay up once and for all in the second. Following the game, all I could remember as a six-year old is cheering on my then-favorite player Reggie White and Brett Favre as they ran across the field after time expired. I used to think the Packers played in the Super Bowl every year after they made it back to the big game in 1998.

What's your favorite Super Bowl memory? We'll be especially curious to hear from those of you who can remember Super Bowls I and II.