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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for January 4, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today covering officials, stopping Adrian Peterson, and whether or not experience matters in the playoffs.

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Andy King

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Unlike when I started writing Cheese Curds, it's not very nice outside and there's no patio for you to go sit on during your lunch break. But I'm still encouraging you to take a very extended lunch break with a few adult beverages today, because you still deserve it.

If you missed this morning's news, the Green Bay Packers' director of player personnel John Dorsey is a candidate for the Chiefs and Jets GM jobs. The Chiefs just fired Scott Pioli and are almost certainly going to hire Andy Reid as their coach. Dorsey's probably a very good fit there.

Otherwise, we have stories on scouting officials, stopping AP and whether or not playoff experience matters.

Packers scout NFL officials | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

And why not? If every team doesn't do this, they should.

Secondary's primary duty is to contain Peterson | Green Bay Press-Gazette

That is, unless we're going to focus primarily on stopping Christian Ponder, outdoors, on the road.

Playoff experience at QB means little to Packers | ESPN Wisconsin

Very fitting title for the post after what I just said.

Packers vs. Vikings: Things You Could Watch and a Prediction | Cheesehead TV

I like the prediction.