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Vikings vs. Packers referee assignment: Scott Green draws Wild Card game

Scott Green is the man in the middle when the Vikings travel to Lambeau.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

For the first time this season, a Green Bay Packers game will be officiated by Scott Green. He's working his sixth career Wild Card round and will be the man in the middle when the Packers host the Minnesota Vikings.

While Green's crew did not work any Packers games this year, they did work one Vikings game, their 28-10 loss to the Bears at Soldier Field in Week 12. The game was very light on penalties, with the Vikings picking up three flags for 44 yards, and the Bears picking up five for 55 yards.

You might have noticed in the past that refs are a bit more lax with the flags when playoff time rolls around. Expect both offensive lines to test Green's crew early and see what they can get away with as far as holding goes.

You can check out the referee assignments for all of the Wild Card games at Football Zebras.