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Christian Ponder's injury has his status up in the air for Vikings vs. Packers

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Could Christian Ponder's injury seriously affect his play and his status for Saturday's game?


If you didn't see the final injury report last night, Christian Ponder is listed as questionable for the Minnesota Vikings with an elbow injury. He's been limited in practice all week, and indications are that it's legitimately bothering him. However, just about everyone assumed that Ponder would play, and that he wouldn't make any excuses for his injury if he couldn't throw the ball like he usually does.

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Ponder will play for sure, but it's anyone's guess how long he lasts in the game or how effective he will be. As Daily Norseman notes, it's odd that Ponder is struggling this much when he was able to finish last week's game without a problem, but at the same time, Leslie Frazier isn't the type to play games with other teams and the media via the injury report.

Joe Webb took all snaps with the first team offense this week in Vikings practice. He hasn't played this season, and has been serviceable at best when he's played in the past. Webb is a great athlete who can make plays with his feet, but is very mediocre as a passer. If Ponder isn't completely healthy, the Vikings are probably in a bit of trouble.

Update: Holy crap, you guys.

Update #2: Joe Webb starts