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Joe Webb, Adrian Peterson run wild on first drive

The Minnesota Vikings already have a 3-0 lead on the Green Bay Packers following their first drive, and they only ran one pass play. That one pass play featured Joe Webb getting happy feet when the pocket wasn't collapsing around him, then throwing a bouncepass on third down.



Early on, I have a question: Why even do that? Do the Vikings think they need to keep the Packers honest, or keep Webb's confidence up by calling passing plays? The Packers only showed that they can remain patient and make a tackle on one of the nine running plays the Vikings ran on their first drive. Because that one play came on 2nd down, forcing a 3rd and 7, they threw.

Really: Why not run an option play on 3rd and 7? The Packers aren't going to magically learn how to stop it the more you run it. With Webb in, it's not a gadget play, it's part of your offense.

Anyway, the Packers are going to need to score in this game, and they're going to need to force some obvious passing situations.