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Vikings vs. Packers score: Green Bay up 7-3 after one quarter

While Joe Webb, Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings started strong with a drive down the field, followed by a stop, the Green Bay Packers have surged to life. They lead the Vikings at the end of the first quarter, 7-3, thanks to a lengthy touchdown drive at the end of the quarter.

The Vikings moved the ball into field goal range with their running game on their first drive, but their offense stalled the next time they got the ball. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' running backs found their rhythm on their second drive, which went for 81 yards.

DuJuan Harris was the key player on the drive, carrying the ball 5 times for 22 yards and a touchdown. He was initially ruled down on his 9-yard touchdown scamper, but Mike McCarthy challenged that Harris had broken the plane before going down, and was successful. The drive's biggest play was a screen pass to Ryan Grant, which went for 25 yards to get the Packers into the red zone.

Webb closed the first quarter 1-3 passing for the Vikings. It appears that he's going to have to make some throws eventually, but who knows? Their running game and defense could keep the Vikings around, even if they have no passing offense.