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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 8, 2013

We have news on the Packers' special teams, road playoff successes, and the BCS Championship Game.

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Need a quick hit of cheese on a Tuesday morning? Of course you do! Now eat up, but save some room for lunch. We start out by roaming around the internet looking for interesting tidbits about our Green Bay Packers:

ESPN Wisconsin - Are they who we thought they were?
If you don't think we've beaten the horse to death yet, here's another article on the changes to the Packers and 49ers since Week One.

Packers' Slocum a trusty assistant -
Remember when Shawn Slocum sucked? Maybe he wasn't the problem after all.

Road playoff game? Hasn't been much of a problem - GB Press-Gazette
Jerry Rice still fumbled.

Smash-mouth football tests your manhood -
I wouldn't normally link to an Ask Vic article, but sometimes his headlines are just too ridiculous to pass up.

Also, in case you missed it there was some big football game going on last night. Here's one serious article about it, plus a few that get filed in the "ridiculous" category:

Eddie Lacy, Jesse Williams headline Alabama draft prospects -
If you were a fan of Barrett Jones or Eddie Lacy being Packers, last night probably just confirmed what you already thought: those guys are awfully good.

A.J. McCarron's girlfriend gains thousands of fans, including Brent Musburger and Aaron Murray -
The saga of Brent Musberger's creepiness continues.

Darnell Dockett wants to take A.J. McCarron's girlfriend to Wing Stop -
In Darnell Dockett's case, the saga of his creepiness is just beginning! At least he likes good wings.

Stay cheesy, my friends.