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Green Bay Packers cap space surprisingly decent

Sup, potentially front-loaded contract extensions?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Green Bay Packers had some minor cap concerns in the offseason? Know how the team has to make some serious tough decisions about players in order to keep Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers around for the long haul? Well, the cap situation at 1265 might not be quite as tight as everyone anticipated. They'll be heading into the offseason in better shape than post teams.

According to John Clayton at ESPN, the Packers have about $7 million in cap space. Donald Driver is going to depart this offseason, and it wouldn't be shocking to see Jeff Saturday and Greg Jennings leave as well. The Packers could make some other cuts to maneuver their cap space, which would give them the money they need to sign Matthews and Rodgers to some (relatively front-loaded) long-term deals.

It's very early in the cap maneuvering game and most fans probably don't even want to talk about potential releases/extensions while the Packers are still in the playoffs, but it's interesting to think about. Ted Thompson definitely has a little bit of room to make things happen.