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Josh Freeman Rumors: Could the Packers be a Landing Spot for the Bucs QB?

Freeman and his pet snakes are on the trading block. Could the Packers be a team willing to make a move for him? Someone seems to think so.

Matthew Stockman

If you haven't heard by now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week decided to bench Josh Freeman in favor of something called a Mike Glennon. Unsurprisingly, that experiment worked about as well the previous quarterback situation as the Buccaneers went on to get rolled by the Cardinals in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game, ultimately losing 13-10. Now, whether the Buccaneers' ineptitude this season has been the fault of Freeman or head coach/meathead Greg Schiano is up for debate. What isn't up for debate is that sooner or later, another team is going to give Josh Freeman another shot.

Apparently the NFL Network's Mike Silver thinks the Packers could be one of them.

Coming from Ian Rapaport via Twitter this weekend, Silver cites several General Managers whom he spoke with, as saying the Packers - a team with their own backup quarterback issues in the preseason - could be an "intriguing option" for Freeman.

Obviously, Silver isn't actually reporting anything here, but it does pose an interesting scenario. On one hand, Freeman could likely be had dirt cheap and at one time he was a pretty decent quarterback. On the other, doing so would likely mean trading a draft pick, and frankly, I think the odds of finding photos online of Ted Thompson passed out next to a bottle of Jack are better than him giving up a pick.

That said, it's at least fun to think about Freeman in McCarthy's quarterback school for a year. And if it's one thing Thompson does extraordinarily well, it's finding value. If it only takes a 6th-round pick to acquire Freeman and you think you can turn him into a 2nd-round pick later on, then who knows. The biggest hurdle however, would be that Freeman's in a contract year, meaning a team trading for him would have to sign him beyond this year, or risk losing a draft pick for a short-term rental of Freeman. The trade deadline is October 29th, so there's still plenty of time for teams to consider if that risk is worth it. For the Packers though, I think we can safely file this one under "an interesting idea, but yeah, it'll never happen."

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