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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 10, 2013

Injuries, injuries, injuries - from Packers sitting out, Packers coming back from the PUP list, and players around the league dealing with the concussion issue, injuries are the big story in today's curds.

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Jeff Gross

Well, Packers fans, we know that Clay Matthews is out for a month or so, which means that the media has taken to analyzing what his absence will mean for the Green Bay Packers' defense. In the meantime, the defense should get a little shot in the arm with one player likely coming off the PUP list soon, and everybody's hopeful that the offensive line depth will see the same boost. Meanwhile, the investigation into the NFL's handling of concussions is getting a lot of attention. Here are today's links!

Worthy, Sherrod Optimistic About Returns - ESPN Wisconsin
I agree with the team's message to Jerel Worthy - you can't expect to recover like Adrian Peterson did. That guy is a freak of nature.

Packers' C.J. Wilson faces uncertain future - JSOnline
With Worthy sounding ready to return to practice and playing solidly against the run last year, C.J. Wilson's job could very well be in jeopardy.

Believers finger Chunky Soup Curse as reason for Clay Matthews' broken thumb - JSOnline
This is even more ridiculous than the Madden Curse.

Why Clay Matthews couldn't skip surgery - ESPN
This is a response to the fans asking why Clay couldn't just put a club on his hand and continue playing through his injury.

Notebook: Packers tied for 13th in red-zone touchdown percentage | Packersnews
Honestly, it's a little surprising to me that they're still in the top half of the league. Maybe we've just been spoiled by the offense's ridiculous run of success over the past several years.

Fantasy football, Twitter changing ways young viewers watch NFL games | The MMQB with Peter King
A pretty large number of our readers seem to fall into the same demographic as the people interviewed for this story. Let us know in the comments how you watch football in the era of social media and mobile displays.

Ranking the 2013 Offensive Lines | Pro Football Focus
Based on PFF's cumulative grades, the Packers' line ranks seventh overall. Not surprisingly, David Bakhtiari is pointed out as the weakest link on the line. Imagine what they'd look like with a healthy Bryan Bulaga! Bakh has been put in a tough spot though, and is trying to make the best of it. I just know my fingers are crossed for a healthy return by Derek Sherrod.

Into the light: The minds behind 'League of Denial' discuss the NFL's ongoing concussion crisis and what comes next -
If you didn't catch the documentary on the NFL's concussion issue the other day, SBNation goes into detail in a longform article on the subject and gets a Q&A with two of the journalists behind the investigation.

NFL won't let Brandon Marshall wear green shoes for Mental Health Awareness Week -
I'll say it - it's ridiculous that the league is so paranoid about its uniform image that they'll fine a guy like Marshall for wanting to help out a cause near and dear to himself by wearing differently-colored shoes, especially in light of the previous link.

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