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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 11, 2013

For once, it's a batch of curds that isn't all worried about the Packers' injuries!

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Wesley Hitt

Happy Football Friday, Green Bay Packers fans! We're just two short days away from the Packers' week 6 game against the Baltimore Ravens, which should be a good test against the defending Super Bowl champions. Today's curds focus not on the players who will be out for the game, but the ones who will be in - Mike Neal, for example, who will be starting will Clay Matthews sits.

Also, check out the last link for a fun new addition to the comments sections on SBNation sites.

On to the links!

McCarthy says Hayward looked good, but Friday is the key - JSOnline
Since we were all booked solid yesterday afternoon, here are the key points from Mike McCarthy's Thursday press conference.

Ravens' Joe Flacco, Packers' Aaron Rodgers boast golden arms - JSOnline
I'm still amazed at how Flacco's contract situation played out over the last 12-18 months.

Van Pelt not concerned about Franklin's ball security - ESPN Wisconsin
The Packer RB coach on Franklin's two fumbles: "I think they were two unfortunate hits on the ball that happened when he was in there. It just happened to be him."

Magic Mike: Neal transforms game - ESPN Wisconsin
I can't believe I hadn't thought of this nickname before. Let's hope he continues his magic this weekend.

Tiptoeing the line: Nelson dazzles with acrobatic sideline grabs | Packersnews
If we're going with Magic Mike for Neal, we had better scrap "Magic Toes" for Jordy and go with the "Twinkle Toes" suggestion instead.

Mike Vandermause column: 'Year-after syndrome' makes '13 tougher for Ravens | Packersnews
"Flacco said this week he hasn’t noticed any extra burden that goes with winning the Super Bowl." It's only week 6, Joe. It will come.

Games banned in Pittsburgh Steelers locker room - ESPN
Looks like Mike Tomlin is part of Brian McCann's Party Police squad.

The GIF Oracle: Let's help you find the sports GIF you're looking for -
Oh my goodness. This should make the comments sections fun. I have enabled it on APC, so go ahead and try it out. I'll go first.

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