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Browns Sign Charles Johnson off Packers' Practice Squad, Per Report

The Packers lost a promising wide receiver prospect today, as he was signed by another team.

Mike McGinnis

Hey everybody: do you remember how excited we all were about the Green Bay Packers drafting wide receiver Charles Johnson in the seventh round of the 2013 NFL Draft? Johnson was raw, but we were all convinced that he had the size and speed to turn into a good receiver for the Packers in time.

Unfortunately, it appears that those hopes need to be put to rest, as Johnson is now a member of the Cleveland Browns:

Well, that was a fun dream while it lasted. It's an interesting move for the Browns, signing Johnson eight days before they come to Green Bay to play the Packers.

It seemed possible that Johnson could have been promoted to the active roster with the Packers cutting Jeremy Ross and putting Robert Francois on injured reserve in recent weeks, but they promoted running back Michael Hill and cornerback James Nixon instead (with part of the reason for Nixon's promotion being to prevent the Buffalo Bills from signing him). Now, Johnson is off to Cleveland.

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