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Randall Cobb Injury: Packers Not Yet Contacting Other Wide Receivers

Should we read anything into the fact that the Packers have not yet been in touch with the two most logical receivers to replace James Jones or Randall Cobb?


With starting wide receivers Randall Cobb and James Jones suffering knee injuries in Sunday's game, the Packers might be expected to make some calls to other receivers about adding players at the position to their roster. While the status of those two players is still unknown at the time this is published, the team sits with only two healthy wideouts: Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykin. Obviously, if Jones and Cobb are going to miss substantial time, the team will need to add to its receiver stable.

However, up to this point, it appears that they are either waiting to hear more details on the status of their stars or they are optimistic about them recovering quickly. Two players with strong Packers ties and who might be logical targets have reportedly not been contacted about a place on the team's roster.

The first is practice squad receiver Myles White:

Now that Charles Johnson has been signed away from Green Bay by the Cleveland Browns, White is the only other receiver on the Packers' practice squad. He would be the most logical addition, but apparently the team is not willing to call him up yet.

The other option is former Packer Jeremy Ross, who currently is working on the Detroit Lions' practice squad. As we saw a few days ago with Johnson, any team can sign a player from another team's practice squad with no repercussions. Therefore, Ross could make a return to Green Bay. However, Rob Demovsky of ESPN reports that Ross and his agent have not heard anything from the Packers so far.

Is it a sign that the team is optimistic about Jones' and Cobb's knees, or are they just weighing all their options before getting in touch with anyone? Hopefully we'll know more this afternoon, but for the time being, the team is standing pat.

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