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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 15, 2013

We look ahead to Sunday's game and hope that young Packers will step up in the place of injured veterans.

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Patrick McDermott

Well, great. Randall Cobb is out 4-8 weeks. Nick Perry is out at least one. James Jones might play on Sunday, but he might not. What a wonderful way to start your week as a Packers fan. Ugh.

Anyway, the team needs to move on without the injured players, and we fans do as well. Let's start doing that by identifying who will be playing in their places, and today's curds discuss that at length. Hopefully Tuesday will see less bad news than Monday did!

Rating the Packers vs. the Ravens - JSOnline
Not surprisingly, McGinn gives the defense good marks for its performance. We'll have our grades up in a bit.

How injuries impact the Green Bay Packers offense - ESPN
I fully expect to see Finley in the slot early and often on Sunday against the Browns.

How the injuries affect Green Bay Packers' defense - ESPN
Perry's injury at this point might be more damaging for the defense than Matthews' was.

McCarthy Likes not-so-jolly Rodgers - ESPN Wisconsin
What exactly is "adverse football"?

Notebook: Neal 'our veteran guy now' at outside LB | Packersnews
Who would have seen that coming at the end of the 2012 season?

Christl/Baranczyk analysis: Injuries rarely doom a season | Packersnews
Here's an interesting take. I agree up to a point - the start of the playoffs. Then it gets dicey.

NFL players of the week: Cam Newton shines against Minnesota -
I disagree with the Defender of the Week. A.J. Hawk should have been recognized.

Fumblr: Is fandom worth the stress? -
Because Manningface never gets old.

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