Solution to the 18 Game Season

I've been thinking about this one for a while and with all the GB injuries and early bye it's time to bring it up. Maybe I'm way off base but this makes too much sense.

How would you as a fan like to still see 19 weeks of regular season games? The end of .500 seasons? AND more rest for the players?

17 games is the solution. Specifically, 17 games and 2 byes. The NFL will still get to extend it's revenue machine by 2 weeks. For the players, one extra game will be much easier than two, plus the extra bye will offset it. The likelihood of a slew of records falling at once is reduced.

One downside of course is an unequal number of home/away games. Even that can be spun to fit the League agenda. We're already sending teams to London and giving up home field for one of them. Make every team play one game at a neutral site and continue to expand the fanbase.

It's a great compromise Goodell. You win on multiple fronts with minor player concessions. Let's make it happen.

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