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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 16, 2013

The restructuring of the Packers' offense around the run is a big topic for today's curds.

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Your team is traditionally a passing powerhouse, but is suddenly one of the most successful rushing teams in the NFL and is without its most versatile receiving option for much of the rest of the season. What do you do?

FEED THE BEAST. And of course, by "The Beast" I mean Eddie Lacy.

The Packers will hopefully do just that over the next few weeks, and that restructuring of the offense is the key subject of much of the links for today.

Packers offense running at a high level - JSOnline
Sixth in the league in yards per game and second in yards per carry...that'll do.

Datone Jones waits for his turn - JSOnline
Ryan Pickett dropped some knowledge on Datone about playing early.

Aaron Rodgers: 'It might be ugly at times' - ESPN
And if the Packers keep winning, the only people upset will be fantasy football players who own Rodgers and aren't Packers fans.

Notebook: Rodgers clarifies criticism of Cobb tackle | Packersnews
Good for Rodgers - sticking to his guns while respecting the opinion of an opponent.

Pete Dougherty analysis: Multiple TE sets likely outcome of WR losses | Packersnews
In my opinion, "likely" is an understatement. Expect a lot of Jermichael Finley split out at wide receiver, and we should see more of Brandon Bostick on offense as well.

Packers Calendar: PUP List Players Eligible to Practice | Cheesehead TV
Based on what we've heard of the injured Packers, it seems likely that we'll see Jerel Worthy out on the practice field, but it might still be a wait for Derek Sherrod and the others.

The post-mortem, Week 6: Tampa Bay continues to set the standard for suck -
The Ravens had "an average of 10.9 yards to gain on third downs, which, in case you're just joining us, is more than the 10 yards you start out having to gain."

Greg Schiano: "We're going to be good" - Bucs Nation
Sure...when he's gone.

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