APC Open Thread #77: Sorry, Green Bay, But Your Healthy Wide Receivers Are In Another Castle!

Where we mourn the loss of Randall Cobb to the injured reserve/designated to return list and wish for Matt Elam to be thrown out the airlock, and wonder if James Jones will be able to go against Cleveland.

Hello football fans, and welcome to the 24-hour APC Open Thread! Many thanks to Evan for allowing this silliness.

There are other Open Threads around SBN. Feel free to drop by any of them.

Battle Red Blog, home of the AFC South Eternal Threads. Very welcoming group of people, with quite the mix of Colts, Texans, and the occasional Jaguars fan. Disgust for the Titans is extremely welcome. Open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

The Phinsider's Random Live Thread / Cool Kids Club. They got the ball rolling on the OT's, so to speak, so do respect them.

Bleeding Green Nation's NFC bEAST Eternal Threads. Sometimes their threads are a bit more spur of the moment, but they're usually filled with pics and gifs of bouncing boobs (NSFW, so don't visit while on a work computer or place that tracks your site views, the explanations seldom end well). It's a place mostly for NFC East fans and guys with a lot of testosterone, but they'll take anyone with the guts to walk in the door.

Gang Green Nation Open Threads.

Cat Scratch Reader Open threads. Very good group of people, well worth the visit if you have the chance.

Every Day Should Be Saturday is always a grab-bag, but they talk nonstop about College Football if you're so inclined. Be warned, irrationality abounds (but that's true with all college football sites)

The open threads at Niners Nation and Canal Street Chronicles are defunct.

Rules of the thread:

1: Don't be a dick.


3: No NSFW pictures. If it's questionably not safe for work, don't post it either.

Please remember that any time you spend on the APCOTs is entirely voluntary. The last I checked, nobody is forcing you to be here.

With those rules in mind, have fun.

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