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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 21, 2013

No surprise: today's curds focus heavily on the Packers' 31-13 win over the Browns.

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Mike McGinnis

A morning dose of dairy always tastes better when served with a side of victory. In this case, that victory is bittersweet, as our Green Bay Packers suffered yet another serious-looking injury to a key playmaker. While we cross our fingers for Jermichael Finley's recovery, let's take a spin back through the media's reaction to Sunday's game.

Aaron Rodgers helps elevate his battered team - JSOnline
Bob McGinn's recap explains how Rodgers was again the key in Sunday's game.

Not flashy, but Packers getting it done - JSOnline
Michael Hunt says that watching this team without several injured starters might not be fun. Personally, I think it's great to watch a team come together through adversity, especially when most of those injured players will be back in a few weeks.

Packers offense gains tough yards - JSOnline
It wasn't pretty in the second and third quarters, but the touchdown drives were things of beauty.

Browns saw Alabama RBs Richardson, Lacy close-up - JSOnline
This is an interesting take. I'll just say that Lacy looks good, and I'm glad he's in Green Bay.

Notebook: Impact of injuries especially noticeable as special teams struggle | Packersnews
The coverage teams were ugly, as I expected; what I did not think of before the game was how the loss of Jones and Cobb would affect the hands team for onside kicks, and the Packers dodged two straight bullets late in the game.

Packers continue to soldier on with second string | Packersnews
It has to stop soon, though, right? We can't keep having starters going down every week. Right? ...right?

Boykin shines early and often - ESPN Wisconsin
Good for him. He showed that he doesn't need blazing speed to be an effective receiver.

NFL Week 7: Takeaways from Sunday -
Here are the big messages for each team's performance on Sunday, as interpreted by the guys over at the Mothership.

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