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Packers Injury Update: McCarthy Discusses Brad Jones', James Starks' Returns to Practice

Mike McCarthy addressed the Packers' injuries and the young replacement players in his Wednesday press conference.

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Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon to discuss yet again the team's injury status and the upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings. Included with his availability was the team's early injury report from Wednesday's practice.

In the preliminary injury update, the Packers spokesperson announced that running back James Starks and inside linebacker Brad Jones returned to practice and were full participants, while Casey Hayward continued to practice fully. Only Clay Matthews has been ruled out for this week's game, however, so several other injured Packers might be able to make it back on the field on Sunday.

Wednesday Injury Report

Player Position Injury Practice Status
Jarrett Bush CB Hamstring Full
Casey Hayward CB Hamstring Full
Brad Jones ILB Hamstring Full
James Starks RB Knee Full
James Jones WR Knee Did not participate
Nick Perry OLB Foot Did not participate
Ryan Taylor TE Knee Did not participate
Clay Matthews OLB Thumb OUT

The upshot of today's injury report is that James Jones, Perry, and Taylor have not yet been ruled out for Sunday's game. While this is certainly no guarantee that they will play, it is certainly a positive sign that their recoveries are progressing well.

McCarthy Press Conference

When asked if he was encouraged by players who have returned to practice: "We're further ahead this week than we were last week...we definitely have improved."

On Jermichael Finley's injury: "(Finley is) still seeking the opinions from specialists, doing better each and every day...he's making progress but I don't have anything to report...I have not sat down (with the doctors)...I had a meeting with Ted Thompson...we'll do our due diligence and do what's in the best interests of Jermichael."

McCarthy was asked about the players who did not participate and whether they might play on Sunday night: "Where they are in their rehab, they go through stages, everybody was down on the field today going through some on-field work."

On Starks' return to practice: "James Starks looked good, looks to be back, we didn't do a lot of team today, we were in helmets...based on the workload I thought he looked fine."

On Brad Jones' return to practice: "Okay, he didn't take a whole lot of reps, just want to ease him back into it."

When asked if he had fond memories of the Metrodome or was ready to be done playing there: "(Laughs) That's a setup question...very difficult place to play, always has been...incredible home-field advantage for the Vikings,'s time (laughs)."

When asked if Jamari Lattimore's performance will affect how the team brings Brad Jones back: "Jamari's played very well, he's taken full advantage of his opportunity, but as far as injured players, we want them all back. The performance of one player doesn't affect the status of another."

On Casey Hayward's status: "If push came to shove, he was close last week. it's good for him to get his confidence back, I think he'll be ready to go (this Sunday)."

Addressing David Bakhtiari playing against Jared Allen: "He's played against some very good defensive lines...Allen's coming off shoulder surgery and he looks to be back...this will be a huge challenge for (Bakhtiari)."

On whether getting off to a fast start is important in the Metrodome: "Fast start is important every watch that game last year, the edge that's created in that really want to start the game the right way, there's always a ton of energy especially for the home's a unique environment to play in."

In light of last week's "Keep Calm and Carry On" message, one reporter asked if McCarthy had any messages for his team this week: "Silence is golden (laughs)."

On Davon House's performance: "Davon played very well this past week, he's done some really good things on special teams too...happy with his physicality, played very well both in bump and run and off the ball. He's competing, his passes defended have gone up."

On Adrian Peterson and how the team defended him last year: "I felt that the first game he got away from us, the second game up there we overpursued in our gap control...when you're not right he can accelerate (through) the crease and has the speed to pull square, our gap control's gotta be intact."

When asked if Andrew Quarless would pick up the bulk of Finley's workload: "You don't just replace (Finley) based on the way he was utilized and the production he gives us...Andrew and (Brandon) Bostick will both have to step up and play a role."

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