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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 3, 2013

Shocker: concussions and hamstrings are still in the news where the Packers are concerned.

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Happy Thursday, everyone! Week 5 kicks off tonight with what will undoubtedly be a riveting game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns. Meanwhile, today's a big day for Clay Matthews, as we all hope he will make progress towards playing in Sunday's game against Detroit. We've got a story on that today, as well as two recently-concussed Packers players who are talking about their injuries.

Packers' reshaped o-line braces for the Lions' punch - JSOnline
Ndamukong Suh had a huge game last week against the Bears. It's up to T.J. Lang and company to keep him in check.

Packers offense to run with rookies - JSOnline
If "Production of the run game is directly related to the runner," then Green Bay is set up better now than ever before under McCarthy.

Notebook: Finley has no hard feelings toward Bengals safety | Packersnews
Interesting that the guy who's on the receiving end of an ugly hit that both drew a fine and concussed him isn't even a little irritated about it.

Looking for a rush: Packers hope Jones, Daniels can improve pass defense | Packersnews
Even if Matthews does play, getting a push up front from those two will be very important.

Eddie Lacy said concussion taught him a lesson | Packersnews |
If it were me, the lesson would probably be to avoid dirty safeties who lead with their helmets, but that's just me. Lacy probably will be less cynical about it.

Reminders of Packers' 22-game home win streak over Lions linger - ESPN
Well, here's hoping that we still get to hear about it when the Lions play in Green Bay next year.

Breaking Madden: In which the Eagles get drunk and give up 2,400 yards in a single game -
Which is funny, because the Eagles' defense has been playing like they're drunk all season long.

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