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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 31, 2013

The Halloween edition of cheese curds features one scary link - what if Brett Favre really did come back and join the St. Louis Rams?

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Happy Halloween to all of you kids out there! Go get some candy or something while I dress up in my most realistic costume ever - lazy mid-20s candy-giver-outer guy. The best part about living where I do is knowing that there won't be any kids around, so I can stuff my face with as many fun size Snickers as I want all night long.

What's that? Football news? Oh yeah. There's a game coming up on Monday night. About that - we have a look at the Packers facing a third straight backup QB, the team's kick return game, and a number of players on the offensive and defensive lines. Start clicking!

Packers guard Josh Sitton comes around to move to left side - JSOnline
Sitton on his initial feelings on the switch: "I thought they were idiots at first." He's not complaining now, though.

Notes - Packers practice squad QB Scott Tolzien gets big raise - JSOnline
It appears that the Cleveland Browns tried to pry Tolzien away from Ted Thompson recently. Let's hope Scott doesn't discover a previously-unknown ACL tear this week.

Packers defensive end Mike Daniels never satisfied - JSOnline
I'm seriously considering making my next Packers jersey purchase a #76. Mike Daniels is an awesome "little" ball of intensity.

Bakhtiari stays 'in check' - ESPN Wisconsin
"Sunday night was the first time since Allen joined the Vikings in 2008 that he faced Rodgers in the Metrodome and didn’t record a sack." Holy crap. That should say volumes about what Bakh was able to do on Sunday night.

Green Bay Packers prepare for another backup QB - ESPN
The Packers just need to intercept Josh McCown early and often and it'll be like Cutler never left!

Hyde doesn't know if he will become full-time return man | Packersnews
With the way Franklin has taken kicks back lately, I'd be surprised if Hyde gets fewer than half of the returns on Monday night.

Matthews could return by Week 10 to face Eagles | Packersnews
YES. Excellent. Club on his hand? Whatever. Now that Mike Daniels is wreaking havoc on the line, Matthews' return should be an instant boost to the pass rush.

Breaking Madden: Brett Favre returns to the Rams, and brings Quincy Carter and friends with him -
This is the only Breaking Madden that has ever made sense. I'll spoil it for you: Favre throws a pick in the red zone while his team is down by one point.

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