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Raiders Cut Matt Flynn - Should Packers Bring Him Back to Green Bay?

We've speculated about the Packers signing a different castoff quarterback, but signing former backup Matt Flynn might make a little more sense.

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480 yards. Up until week 2 of this year, Matt Flynn was alone in the Green Bay Packers record books for his performance in week 17 of the 2011 season. In that game (which for all intents and purposes earned him the entirety of the three-year, $26 million deal he got that offseason from the Seahawks), he put up a stat line of 31 completions, 44 attempts, 480 yards, six touchdowns, and one interception as the Packers sat Aaron Rodgers to rest him for the playoffs.

Since then, the Packers have had trouble (to put it mildly) with their backup quarterbacks. Graham Harrell became notorious for his first snap against the New Orleans Saints in 2012. This preseason, Harrell and third-stringer B.J. Coleman were both released, and Vince Young came and went before the Packers settled on Seneca Wallace.

However, Flynn has had his own struggles, losing the starting quarterback job in training camp to Seattle's Russell Wilson in 2012 and Oakland's Terrelle Pryor this summer.

But you know all of that.

What you may not know is that this afternoon, Flynn was released by the Oakland Raiders.

Of course, this will start rampant speculation that Flynn should or would be brought back as the Packers' quarterback. Count me among the supporters of that move. Despite his struggles elsewhere, Flynn's track record in filling in for Rodgers speaks for itself. It's logical to think that he knows the Packers' offense better than any quarterback not named Aaron Rodgers.

Sure, the argument can be made that his prior success in Green Bay was due to a deep, talented receiving corps, but that quality of the Packers' offense hasn't changed. Plus, adding a dangerous running game to Green Bay's slate of receiving options makes it an even better situation for Flynn. At this point, I would certainly feel more comfortable with Flynn manning the offense than Seneca Wallace.

Who's with me?

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