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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 9, 2013

The run/pass split of the Packers' offense is a hot topic of discussion among the media this week.

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Welcome to Wednesday, Packers fans. We'll start looking ahead to the game on Sunday against the Ravens, but first we'll have some news on how the team's running game affects the offense as a whole. Some of that analysis comes courtesy of the traditional media, but we'll have some breakdowns of that as well. Meanwhile, we should get a better idea on how Casey Hayward is progressing from his hamstring injury and how serious Brad Jones' tweaked hammy is after practice today.

For now, take a spin through today's links and get yourself caught up before we dive into our breakdowns later on today.

Eye marks: Coaches grade Packers on weekly performance - JSOnline
Here's an interesting look at how the Packers grade their own players and recognize their best.

Packers offense doesn't suffer from an identity crisis - JSOnline
We'll have plenty more on the running game soon, but I'll just say that having different options for moving the ball isn't a bad thing.

Run to set up pass? "Let's do it," Rodgers says - ESPN Wisconsin
Rodgers on if he'd mind taking a back seat to the running game: "I love to throw the football. But I love to win more." I love it.

Hawk, Crosby deal doghouse for penthouse - ESPN Wisconsin
There's something to be said for going out and doing your job and making sure you (and everyone else) is in the right place. Plus, Crosby was money in the bank on Sunday.

Notebook: Packers learn to play the wind in 'new' Lambeau | Packersnews
Here's one factor that might have been overlooked when the end zone expansion was completed. Rodgers' comments about his sideline throw to Jordy Nelson really show what an effect the wind can have.

The Quarterback Internet Hate Index: How much do we hate QBs, and how wrong are we? -
It's fascinating how much the internet hates Robert Griffin III.

NFL unveils new Pro Bowl uniforms -
Because the Pro Bowl wasn't already unwatchable enough...

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