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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 12, 2013

Your (admittedly late) curds today are predictably focused on the Packers' poor defensive performance.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Your intro for today's curds will be brief, mainly because there isn't much more that needs to be said about Sunday's game that isn't already addressed in the links below. Now send that bottle of whiskey over here, fellow Packers fans.

Dom Capers on the Packers' 'recurring issue' - JSOnline
MM may say it's that the defense can't get off the field in the fourth quarter, but Capers identifies the underlying problem that makes that happen: missed tackles. Pro Football Focus credits the Packers with 68 of them through nine games.

Packers defense struggles to generate interceptions - JSOnline
Morgan Burnett certainly hasn't had the breakout that I expected, especially as far as turnovers are concerned.

Injuries rock the Packers' offensive line - JSOnline
My way-too-early guess is that the starting line against the Giants will have T.J. Lang at center, Lane Taylor at right guard, and Marshall Newhouse at right tackle. I just don't see Sherrod being plugged in there quite yet.

Getting defensive - ESPN Wisconsin
Great, now McCarthy is having memory issues. Missed tackles galore and an injury report that has more names than that Cleveland Browns QB jersey aren't enough?

Backup QBs lack training needed to be ready - ESPN
Maybe it's a more pervasive issue than I realize from focusing so much on the Packers, but I think it might be a stretch. What I think might be part of the issue is that it seems like more QBs are hurt this year than in the past.

The post-mortem, Week 10: Welcome to the saddest club, Colin Kaepernick -
Ouch. I knew our red-zone performance was bad, but I didn't realize it was 30th-in-the-league bad.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Broncos, Chiefs set for showdown at the top -
I'm on the road and can't (won't?) do my own Power Rankings today, but here's the SBN version. You won't like it.

2014 NFL Draft order: Buccaneers No. 1, sort of -
Fun, the Packers are currently slated for the 18th pick. Call me crazy, but I still think there's a way to get back into the 20s.

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