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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 14, 2013

As the Packers prepare for the Giants, today's curds take a close look at the team's unlikely QB tandem.

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn are the healthy quarterbacks on your team's roster, Packers fans. If I would have told you that before the final cut-down day of training camp, you probably would have laughed me off the site. That's where we sit now, though, and the internet is trying to understand how this happened and what it means for the team moving forward.

I think that with games against the struggling Giants and Vikings on deck, it means that we can still win football games. But that's just me.

On to the links!

Clay Matthews to sport a smaller brace vs. Giants - JSOnline
This is great news - hopefully Clay will be more like his old self with the use of both his hands.

Packers rookie Chris Banjo embraces role on special teams - JSOnline
He reminds me of Sean Richardson a little bit in his role - big on special teams, and filling in a little bit here and there on defense. Hopefully Richardson can return and help out the struggling safety unit as well.

Dietrich-Smith suffered knee sprain, hopeful for Sunday - JSOnline
If he can be back in there on Sunday, that clears up a lot of questions about the offensive line, even if Don Barclay can't go.

Positive vibes around Scott Tolzien-Matt Flynn combo for Packers - ESPN
Gotta love Scotty's work ethic.

Jermichael Finley of Green Bay Packers to have spinal fusion surgery - ESPN
Yikes. Here's hoping that move will stabilize his neck.

After almost a year, Worthy says he's ready to play | Packersnews
"Coach Mike McCarthy joked that he knew Worthy was back at practice because he jumped offsides twice." MM's got all the jokes, you guys.

After whirlwind NFL journey, Flynn 'blessed' to return to Green Bay | Packersnews
Flynn says his elbow is 100 percent...I hope he's right.

NFL QB Watch, Week 11: I Tolzien So -
Here's dot-com's look at Scotty's shot to make an impact on Sunday.

NFL Watchability Index, Week 11: AFC West showdown in Denver -
Fun: Packers-Giants gets a 2. Think NBC is glad they got to swap our game out for Chiefs-Broncos?

Breaking Madden: Pat McAfee, Destroyer of Worlds -
The headline pretty much says it all.

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