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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 15, 2013

Ted Thompson is squarely in the spotlight of today's curds as being the one responsible for the defense's regression.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If the motto "In Ted We Trust" is starting to taste a little stale to you, you're not alone. But then again, Packers fans, many of you are calling for Dom Capers' head because of the defense's issues. Today, we have two articles which state that blame lies on the Packers GM, rather than the team's defensive coordinator, and based on their arguments it's tough for me to disagree.

That's where today's curds end up, although the first few links discuss individual players who are getting better, whether because of health, development, or more ideal utilization.

Fullback John Kuhn shows his importance to Packers' offense - JSOnline
Pass-blocking is his biggest strength, as you well know. However, you might be surprised to know that he is the team's highest-graded run-blocker by Pro Football Focus.

Packers rookie Datone Jones looks to build on two-sack game - JSOnline
On his second sack, "Jones wasted left tackle Jason Peters and — this time — he finished with violence." Expect to see more of that from the top pick moving forward.

Matthews wants a show of hands - ESPN Wisconsin
" '(The new cast) will leave my fingers free, which means more sacks and more sacks,' Matthews said with a smile."

Banjo fits right in - ESPN Wisconsin
Mike Daniels on Chris Banjo: "Good guy, nice guy and he’ll rattle your fillings on the football field, too." Plus, he's actually been pretty solid in coverage, unlike the other guys who have been playing that safety spot.

Can Packers win with Tolzien? 'Absolutely' teammates say | Packersnews
"(Jake) Stoneburner can still taste the disappointment from his sophomore year at Ohio State when Tolzien and the Badgers handed the top-ranked Buckeyes a crushing 31-18 defeat." That was easily the most awesome football game I have ever attended.

Blame Thompson, not Capers for defensive woes | Packersnews
Mike makes a point that many of us have not considered: "Five of those six draft picks (from the 2012 draft) have done diddly-squat for the Packers this season." He's absolutely right about that, and that is at least part of the reason the defense have suffered.

Packers Have Compounded Problems at Safety Position with Multiple Mistakes | Cheesehead TV
Here's another person making the case that it is Ted Thompson, not Dom Capers, who should take the heat for the issues on defense.

Are the Packers Running Eddie Lacy into the Ground? | Cheesehead TV
Why did James Starks only play on one series last week?

Delanie Walker calls Erik Walden head butt 'bush league' -
Yet another reason to be glad Erik Walden is playing for another team this year.

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