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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 18, 2013

Today's edition of moldy curds looks at the Packers' loss to the Giants and the reasons behind it.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like Packers fans have forgotten just how good we have had it over the past 20 years. Other teams lose their starting quarterbacks to injury on a regular basis and struggle mightily without them. Other teams lose key players and can't fill in for them because of limited roster space and the salary cap. Other teams don't win multiple consecutive division titles and multiple Super Bowls in the span of one generation.

In short, my message is this: appreciate the good times we've had over the past 20 years, and relax. While they might not happen again this year (and for all the frustration, there's still a legitimate shot at the playoffs), there are plenty of reasons to think that the team can bounce back next season.

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox and get to the links.

Bob McGinn - Almost no one rises to occasion for shorthanded Packers in loss to Giants
Tramon Williams did...but yeah, pretty much nobody else.

Packers running game hits Giants' wall - JSOnline
It was ugly, especially when the passing game got the Packers into the red zone and the run game became useless.

Offensive limitations send Packers to 3rd straight loss | Packersnews
I agree with Pete here - Tolzien had some remarkably good throws, but balanced those out with several very poor ones. Furthermore, a complete lack of running game is a young, inexperienced QB's worst nightmare.

Packers can't win without Rodgers | Packersnews
This seems clear from the past few weeks. He avoids the bad throws that have gotten Tolzien into trouble, while making all of the good ones and keeping the eighth man out of the box to help the running game succeed.

Upon Further Review: Packers Week 11 - ESPN
Must. Get. Turnovers.

Packers try to make sense of three-game losing streak - ESPN
David Bakhtiari is pissed: "Going through college [at Colorado], I wouldn’t say I got used to it. It was f---ing terrible. This is the same thing. It’s terrible."

NFL Draft Order 2014: Shakeup in the top five as Bucs drop to fourth, Falcons grab second - Bucs Nation
For those of you convinced the season is over, here's a look at the current draft order.

Grantland Science: The Ultimate Awful Quarterback - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
All of this is accurate. It could be worse, Packers fans - we could have a QB's body part on this unholy amalgamation of suckitude.

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