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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 19, 2013

The Packers must try to force more turnovers on defense, and we get a look inside Aaron Rodgers' head.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Now that a full 36 hours has passed since the Packers' loss to the Giants, we can look back with a little less emotion and analyze what needs to improve for Green Bay to beat the Vikings on Sunday. Also, Aaron Rodgers addressed his collarbone on Larry McCarren's TV show, and it sounds like he could play on Sunday if he absolutely wanted to.

Rodgers weighs risk of return, need for 'a little jolt' - ESPN Wisconsin
It sounds like it's all about the risk of re-injury at this point. Presumably, Rodgers could throw the ball, but would run the risk of a complete break on that collarbone that would put him on the shelf for several months.

All in this together - ESPN Wisconsin
The Packers' defense has nine turnovers in ten games. If nothing else disturbs you about this team, that should do it.

Scott Tolzien must turn yards into points, wins - ESPN
Big numbers are pretty, but pretty pointless if you don't get in the end zone.

Teams load the box vs. Green Bay Packers' run game - ESPN
This should not be shocking, but the numbers bear it out - teams don't respect the Packers' passing game without Aaron Rodgers.

"Chips Report" from Week 11 Packers Loss at Giants | Cheesehead TV
Brian Carriveau's assessment of the top players in Sunday's game agrees pretty well with our game balls.

Tom Brady screams at refs after Panthers-Patriots ends in controversy -
Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAMBULANCE.

NFL Debrief: Denver vs. Kansas City was the game you deserved -
This is worth the click for the GIFs alone. You won't be disappointed.

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