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Pro Bowl Voting: No Packers In Top Two at Any Position

The NFL released an early set of results of Pro Bowl voting on Wednesday, and no Packers are recognized.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the NFL put out a press release discussing the early results of the public's voting for the teams in the Pro Bowl. Yes, I know that the Pro Bowl has become (always has been?) a worthless exercise, both in the voting process and in the "game" itself, but there are a few curiosities that are noticeable from the early results.

The first factor to note is that the 2014 game will be the first Pro Bowl to adopt the format of the NHL All-Star Game. Instead of players being separated into teams by conference (or in the NHL's case, by their country of birth or citizenship), all nominated players will be put into a pool and chosen playground-style by two captains. That gives this year the distinction of being the first time rosters can be unbalanced across both conferences.

The second factor is that these voting results only show the top two vote-getters at each position, regardless of how many are on the field at once, and the top 10 players overall. The top two quarterbacks (Peyton Manning and Drew Brees) are identified, but so are the top two cornerbacks (Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson), despite teams regularly putting three or more corners on the field at once.

In any case, the Packers are one of 15 NFL teams to not place a player in the top two at any one position so far. Two of those 15 teams have a running back who is in the top 10 overall, but who is not among the top two at that position (Adrian Peterson for the Vikings and LeSean McCoy for the Eagles).

The fact that there are no Packers recognized probably should not be a major surprise, as they do not truly have a single outstanding player who has played a full season in 2013. The usual candidates, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, both have missed time due to injury and have not had the massive numbers like their counterparts around the league at the same positions.

Of the teams with players on this list, the Kansas City Chiefs have the most with seven, followed by the Denver Broncos with six and the Seattle Seahawks with five.

You can see the full report of the voting from the Pro Bowl here.

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