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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 26, 2013

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Which quarterback will start for the Packers on Thursday? Nobody knows.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Sick of hearing about Sunday's tie yet? TOO BAD. You're on a Packers blog, and we'll be discussing it some more today before we really turn our attention over tomorrow to the Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions. A few of today's curds do look ahead though, while we do have looks back at Lacy's impressive game and the two-point conversion call.

Eat up!

Injured Packers players could return - JSOnline
Monday practice reports for Thursday games are dumb. Hopefully we'll get something legitimate today.

Packers can still clinch NFC North - JSOnline
And it all starts Thursday.

Packers quarterback quandary: Scott Tolzien or Matt Flynn? - JSOnline
Better arm: Tolzien. Better grasp of the offense: Flynn. Sigh.

Notebook: McCarthy stands by defensive staff | Packersnews
This comment from the head coach is sure to get the "FIRW DUM CAPPERS" crowd riled up.

Lacy carries Pack back from 16-point deficit | Packersnews
I agree that Lacy's play in the fourth quarter was more instrumental in the comeback than Matt Flynn's performance.

Nice timing: Extra quarter four days before playing again? - ESPN Wisconsin
This is something that might be lost in the tie and the preparations for the game against Detroit. Of all the times to play a full overtime, the Sunday before a Thursday game seems like the least opportune time to do so.

Packermetrics — "Going For Two Was Wrong Because It Didn't Work"
Here's a great look at why the Packers' two-point attempt was the right decision, despite its failure. It's also a reminder that judging coaching decisions by the end result isn't the right thought process.

NFL players of the week: Philip Rivers shines, Knowshon Moreno makes a statement -
This was a good week for huge statistical days, as both Moreno and Josh Gordon eclipsed 200 rushing and receiving yards respectively.

Jets collaborate for ButtFumble 2: Nut Fumble -
I was hoping for ButtFumble 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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