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Aaron Rodgers Injury: Packers' QB Says There Is No Recovery Timetable

The Packers' QB was on the radio on Tuesday afternoon discussing his injury and his backup's play in his place on Monday night.

Mike McGinnis

On his weekly radio show, "Tuesdays With Aaron", Aaron Rodgers sat down with ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde to discuss the injury he suffered on Monday night and the path forward for the Green Bay Packers at quarterback. Warning: if you still thought Rodgers might be able to play this weekend against the Eagles, it's time to put that dream to bed.

Rodgers was first asked about the injury itself, both the nature of the injury and its severity. His response:

I have a fractured collarbone, and we haven't talked at all...about timetable or anything, we're still going through the process of testing, but we do know the collarbone is fractured, but we haven't talked about or discussed any long-term prognosis.

That certainly sounds like something that will take weeks, not days, to heal. In the meantime, it's sure to be the Seneca Wallace show at quarterback. Hopefully more thorough tests will shed a little more light on Rodgers' shoulder and give a better idea of when he can return to the field.

When asked about what sorts of rehabilitation he can do to speed up his return:

There's not a specific type of rehab you can do for just have to wait for the bone to heal. That's gonna be the frustrating part, but I feel like I've been a quick healer in the past and I'm hopeful that this will be on the short end of whatever prognosis that comes up.

Rodgers recounted his thoughts during the play on which he was injured:

I just stepped up into the pocket to the right, I was trying to hit Jordy (Nelson) and then James (Jones)...I've fallen on both shoulders before and never had anything like this happen...this hit got on me quicker than usual...and (I) was in some considerable pain.

He was then asked about his initial thoughts about whether or not he could play through the pain:

My first thought is that "I'm going to play through whatever it is" this case, it was considerably more pain than I've felt in a long time, and obviously I wasn't able to throw the way I wanted to on the sideline, agreed to an X-ray, and obviously wanted to do it quickly and get back on the field as soon as possible.

Rodgers was asked about his feelings about the response he received from the fans at Lambeau Field when he returned to the field:

That was one of my top five moments in football. The reception I got from the fans there was pretty special...(chokes up)...yeah.

Finally, Aaron was asked about Seneca Wallace's play in the Chicago game, and how it related to his own experience playing in place of an injured Brett Favre against the Cowboys in 2007:

You don't take a whole lot of reps...I think that week I played in Dallas I took four reps (with the starters) know, as the backup you're running the scout time, so you're running the other team's plays.

Ultimately, this sucks. Rodgers will, in all likelihood, be out at least a few weeks, but it seems likely that he will probably have to be re-evaluated weekly to check on his status. Plus, we still don't know what type of fracture this is, or where along the collarbone the break occurred, which can often play a major role in the length of time required for recovery. In the meantime, Rodgers gave no indication that the team is looking elsewhere for a quarterback, so expect Wallace to be manning the huddle for the foreseeable future.

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