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Packers Midseason Awards: Community Voting Recap

Earlier this week we asked you to vote on the best Packers from the first half of the 2013 season. And the winners are...

Dilip Vishwanat

On Tuesday, we asked you to submit your choices for the best Packers of the first half of the 2013 season, as they fit into six categories. On Wednesday, we the writers of Acme Packing Company announced our choices for the same awards.

Today, we will break down the community voting for the awards and compare them to the writers' picks, and you will get a chance to see how your fellow Packers fans see the state of the team midway through 2013.

Offensive MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Writers' Pick: Rodgers

The only surprise to me in this voting was that Rodgers didn't win by a more comfortable margin. Lacy got a lot of consideration, and it is certainly well-deserved, but QB12 carried almost two-thirds of APC's votes.

Player Votes % of Total
Aaron Rodgers 84 64%
Eddie Lacy 26 20%
Jordy Nelson 18 14%
David Bakhtiari 2 2%
Jermichael Finley 1 <1%

Defensive MVP: A.J. Hawk

Writers' Pick: Hawk

Hawk earned nearly half of the community votes for this award, with Mike Daniels and Johnny Jolly as the only two others earning more than 10%. In what is perhaps an indication that there has been no true standout on defense this year, a total of 12 players earned votes. Yes, 12, one more than can be on the field at any one time.

Player Votes % of Total
A.J. Hawk 62 47%
Mike Daniels 17 13%
Johnny Jolly 16 12%
B.J. Raji 9 7%
Sam Shields 9 7%
Jamari Lattimore 8 6%
Clay Matthews 6 5%
Morgan Burnett 1 <1%
Micah Hyde 1 <1%
Mike Neal 1 <1%
Ryan Pickett 1 <1%

Special Teams MVP: Mason Crosby

Writers' pick: Crosby

Crosby earns the pick from both the writers and the APC community, but he had some competition from Micah Hyde and Tim Masthay. In the end, Crosby got nearly double the votes of any other individual player, as his bounce-back season earned him consideration for most improved player as well, as you'll see shortly.

Player Votes % of Total
Mason Crosby 56 43%
Micah Hyde 29 22%
Tim Masthay 25 19%
Jamari Lattimore 10 8%
Brett Goode 4 3%
Chris Banjo 3 2%
Davon House 2 2%
Brandon Bostick 1 <1%
Jarrett Bush 1 <1%

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Eddie Lacy

Writers' pick: Lacy

This was a two-horse race, with Lacy and fourth-round pick David Bakhtiari earning all the votes. Not surprisingly, Lacy's big numbers from the running back position won out over Bakhtiari's relatively quiet but steady play on Aaron Rodgers' blind side.

Player Votes % of Total
Eddie Lacy 109 83%
David Bakhtiari 22 17%

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Micah Hyde

Writers' pick: Hyde

This one also comes as no shock - Hyde has been a major contributor from the start of the season in the slot and has far exceeded expectations as a fifth-round pick, while Datone Jones just put up his first sack of the season on Monday night against the Bears. Hyde's choice for this award was the most lopsided of all of them.

Player Votes % of Total
Micah Hyde 114 87%
Datone Jones 11 8%
Andy Mulumba 5 4%
Josh Boyd 1 <1%

Most Improved Player: Mike Daniels

Writers' pick: Daniels

It's a clean sweep - APC's community and writers agreed on the winners of all six awards. This one, however, was the most contentious, as the top three candidates each were within six votes of each other. While Hawk and Crosby were close, it was Daniels' progression into the Packers' best pass-rushing lineman in his second year that earns him the spot. Not only was the award hotly contested, but it was widely distributed as well, with a whopping 17 players earning votes! (Note that we did not include rookies in the voting, since we were looking from improvement over previous years' performance, not improvement within the season.)

Player Votes % of Total
Mike Daniels 31 24%
A.J. Hawk 28 21%
Mason Crosby 25 19%
Jamari Lattimore 14 11%
Jarrett Boykin 9 7%
Evan Dietrich-Smith 6 5%
Nick Perry 3 2%
B.J. Raji 3 2%
Jermichael Finley 2 2%
Davon House 2 2%
Mike Neal 2 2%
Randall Cobb 1 <1%
Brad Jones 1 <1%
T.J. Lang 1 <1%
Jordy Nelson 1 <1%
Sam Shields 1 <1%
James Starks 1 <1%

There you have it, our midseason awards as voted on by you, the readers of Acme Packing Company. Thank you to all who participated, and let's all hope that we will be able to postpone our postseason awards until mid-February!

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