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Packers Plan to Work Out Matt Flynn, Says Report

The prodigal child is coming back to Green Bay, at least for a day. The question is, will he be asked to stay?

Jim Rogash

Man, I feel like it's the Hattiesburg airport and Brett Favre all over again. Except it's Matt Flynn and, uh, wherever he's coming from. Actually it's nothing like that so never mind.

The point is, Flynn will soon be on his way to Green Bay according to Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network:

For now it's only for a workout, which makes sense. The Packers likely want to first see why Flynn - a player who showed so much promise in Green Bay - has now been cut this season by two of the worst franchises known to man. It's been widely speculated that Flynn has tendinitis in his elbow, which could explain things.

The Packers also probably want to have a backup plan (you know, to their first backup plan) just in case Seneca Wallace craps all over the field on Sunday. Scott Tolzien is also an option, but it's hard to argue with Flynn's knowledge of the offense and chemistry he once had with the receivers. Or hell, maybe Aaron Rodgers is just bored and wants someone to play cards with or something while he rehabs. Morale is good for healing, right? Make it happen Ted!

Stay tuned for Flynn Watch 2013 as this story progresses.

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