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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for December 11, 2013

As Packers fans hold their breath for news on Aaron Rodgers' shoulder, QB1 himself doesn't sound optimistic.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's an important day for Aaron Rodgers, his collarbone, and the Green Bay Packers as a whole today. Hopefully he'll be able to work with little to no pain in practice today and that his scans clear him to play, but it doesn't sound promising right now. Either way, we'll make sure to get you the reports from practice as soon as we can this afternoon.

Also, if blogging had an injury report, I would be on the report, classified as "limited participation" with a head cold. Enjoy today's curds, and keep it here for news from practice.

Feeling his pain - ESPN Wisconsin
Aaron Rodgers compares his collarbone injury to the one suffered by Charles Woodson a year ago. The biggest difference is that we know for sure Aaron isn't going anywhere after the season.

Green Bay Packers pessimistic that Aaron Rodgers will play against Dallas Cowboys - ESPN
Now we can apparently add some unnamed people in the front office to the list of people who don't think he'll be back this week.

Packers' Week 14 playing time breakdown - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
In case anyone is curious about the Packers' snap breakdown. It sure looks like Sean Richardson has become the leading option at the second safety position, and Josh Boyd got more snaps than Datone Jones on Sunday.

A.J. Hawk Rightly Draws Attention to Dirty Play by Falcons Offensive Lineman | Cheesehead TV
More than anything, I was just impressed that Hawk didn't do anything dumb to get flagged at a critical point in the game.

Thank You for Not Coaching, Week 14 - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Oh look, a shocker: yet another person who disagrees with McCarthy calling a run to kill the clock in the first half. I am still incredulous about that call.

Week 14 Eagles-Lions snowstorm game, in pictures | The MMQB with Peter King
Here's an awesome photo gallery from the Snow Bowl in Philly on Sunday.

2014 NFL Draft order: Movement in the top 10 -
The Packers held tight at 16th in the draft order this week.

The Post-Mortem, Week 14: EJ Manuel just wanted to go to Epcot -
I don't have anything clever to say, so just read.