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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for December 12, 2013

Matt Flynn, Aaron Rodgers, and Tony Romo: an odd trio of quarterbacks take center stage as we approach Sunday's game.

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Tom Lynn

Quarterbacks always get the headlines in the NFL, and in Green Bay the Packers are no different. When a star QB like Aaron Rodgers gets a major injury, the spotlight shines even more brightly on him and his backup. Then there are the Dallas Cowboys, who have had star QBs themselves for decades. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Rodgers, Matt Flynn, and Tony Romo are the subjects of a lot of the news and reports regarding Sunday's Packers-Cowboys game.

Let's all just hope that Flynn does to the Cowboys what Jason Garrett did to the Packers in 1994.

Tony Romo knows how Aaron Rodgers feels - JSOnline
Romo was shut down for the year, but that was because of two factors: (1) the Cowboys were well out of the playoff race before Romo could even really think about returning and (2) Romo's break was a fully displaced fracture.

Cowboys' defensive struggles an opportunity for Packers | Packersnews
If Eddie Lacy can't go, he'll miss out on a chance to play against a defense that gives up almost 130 rushing yards per game.

Notebook: Tretter expects to compete for playing time | Packersnews
It was great news for Tretter to make it onto the active roster this year, and it could be even better news for the team as a whole moving into next year that he was able to return.

Matt Flynn more comfortable running offense, says sacks are 'on him' - FOX Sports Wisconsin
One of the things Flynn has historically struggled with (and that continues to plague him) is an inability to recognize when a play isn't working and throw the ball away. That would help cut down on the sacks quite a bit.

Matt Flynn and Tony Romo in Role Reversal of Sorts as NFL Quarterbacks | Cheesehead TV
This is an interesting scenario, as the Packers' quarterback grew up cheering for the Cowboys and vice versa.

NFL playoff scenarios: Broncos can clinch AFC West, first round bye this week -
Here's how some other teams around the NFL can lock up a playoff spot. The Packers' goal is simple: just keep winning.

2014 NFL salary cap projected to increase to $126.3 million -
That's a jump of $3.3 million, and doesn't include any carryover in cap room from 2013.