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Packers Injury Update 12/12: Aaron Rodgers Practicing in Pads, No Lacy or Cobb

Aaron Rodgers' work in practice today is sure to get people buzzing about the quarterback's status for Sunday.


The Green Bay Packers took the field for a padded practice on Thursday, and the reporters in attendance at the media portion of practice got a chance to stir up some more interest and news about Aaron Rodgers' collarbone injury.

Before we get to that though, we bring you the team's injury report, in which we found the same players out of practice today as were out yesterday:

Randall Cobb also was not working at practice today, as several of the beat writers confirmed. Lacy's absence was expected, though, as McCarthy said that the big rookie running back was expected to be held out of practice until Friday. Brad Jones and Jamari Lattimore continued to sit, though, so the wait is on to see if either or both of them can get back on the field tomorrow.

As for Aaron Rodgers, he took the first set of snaps in today's padded practice, then split much of the reps in the media session with Matt Flynn.

That certainly has to be interpreted as a good sign, as this is a big step forward from what Rodgers was able to do on Thursday a week ago. by all accounts, Rodgers was positive and engaged in practice, and was throwing the ball with good velocity. The questions that remain center around whether he still is feeling pain in that left shoulder and whether the team doctors are ready to clear him.

Last week, the team ruled Rodgers out on Friday's injury report, and it's entirely possible they could do that again this week. However, if he is not ruled out right away it will make for a weekend full of speculation as everyone anxiously awaits kickoff. We'll bring you more news from Mike McCarthy's and Rodgers' media availability later this afternoon.