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Report: Texas Longhorns Interested in Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Following Mack Brown's resignation and being rejected by Nick Saban, the Texas Longhorns have reportedly turned their attention to several NFL coaches including Packers headman Mike McCarthy. Don't expect anything to come of it, though.

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In the world of college football, rarely does an A-List program find itself without clearly defined options when a head coach retires or is let go. However, that's exactly what seems to be playing out for the Texas Longhorns following the strong-armed resignation of Mack Brown.

Texas originally targeted Alabama head coach Nick Saban to replace Brown. Hype surrounding a potential move reached a fever pitch when ESPN's Paul Finebaum reported that the four-time National Championship winning coach "had a contract extension on his desk [for nearly a week], and the longer it goes unsigned, the more uncomfortable Alabama officials grow, sources said." Yet ultimately, Saban decided that $7 million per year was good enough to keep him in Tuscaloosa, leaving Texas to find a Plan B.

Apparently, that means trying to lure NFL coaches to Austin.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that Texas athletic director Steve Patterson has a list of NFL coaches he's considering for the job, and Packers head coach Mike McCarthy's name is on it.

McCarthy certainly comes with impressive credentials. Since becoming the Packers' head coach in 2006, McCarthy has won a Super Bowl, three division titles, and made the playoffs five times while amassing an 80-44-1 record. His status as one of football's preeminent quarterback gurus is well established as he's turned Aaron Rodgers into a superstar while also getting quality play out of Matt Flynn. Also, while it's been over 20 years, McCarthy began his coaching career in the collegiate ranks.

However, McCarthy's low-key, guarded and sometimes grumpy personality makes him an ill-fit for the college game. In the pros, McCarthy can spend considerably more time working with his players in preparation for game day. While college head coaches certainly spend time with their players in a similar capacity, there are rigid NCAA limits on how face time players can have with the football staff. Additionally, there are ongoing concerns surrounding recruiting and academic eligibility that likely would be of no interest to McCarthy. Neither, it would seem, would he enjoy dealing with boosters and the expectations that come with being the head coach at Texas.

So while the Longhorns' coaching search will intensify in the coming days, don't expect McCarthy's name to be attached to it for much longer.

Jason Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as a senior writer for Beats Per Minute, and his work has appeared on Lombardi Ave, College Hoops Net, and the List Universe.