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Mike McCarthy Discusses Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, and the Packers' Comeback Win

The Packers head coach spoke to the media today, where he discussed the high-profile injuries as well as the team's ability to come back from a 23-point deficit to win in Dallas, and also denied any interest in coaching at the University of Texas.

Tom Pennington

As usual, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy met with reporters on Monday afternoon following the Packers' 37-36 win over the Cowboys a day earlier to discuss the game and the status of the team. Naturally, Aaron Rodgers' timeline for the week was brought up, but the more thoroughly-discussed topic was how the team was able to come back from trailing by a large amount on the road and get a win.

McCarthy started out talking about how his team has responded under adversity over the past few weeks:

It's something that we can draw from, it's something that we can build on, we're focusing on the Pittsburgh Steelers...but I can't tell you how proud I am of each player. A lot of great football played in the second half...i forgot to thank the fans...great environment...I think when you have games like that, it's really a reflection of the people and the program, it's one thing to talk about it and train towards it, but when those opportunities come you have to deliver...we've been in two tough ones the last two weeks, but I think the individuals, you have to be patient and you have to be disciplined...the players just did an incredible job of taking it one play at a time, not to be cliche. We didn't do anything exotic schematically, just played Green Bay Packers football.

Next up was the natural question about Aaron Rodgers' potential to play on Sunday against Pittsburgh:

Aaron Rodgers had a brief medical meeting, frankly we didn't even discuss Aaron, Aaron's situation will be discussed Wednesday morning, and we'll have a plan for him come Wednesday...we're game-planning right now for Matt Flynn.

When asked about what the players did on the plane ride home:

I don't think that some of the behavior that you (were) able to dip into in the past is something we're allowed to do any was actually a pretty quiet plane...I think a lot of the guys were just gassed.

On Tramon Williams' interception that was reviewed and clinched the win, and whether he called a timeout to give the referees time to review it (since there was less than two minutes left):

I think the timing of it worked out, I think they were buzzed about the same time...I was in communication with the official on the boundary and the gentleman who gets the buzz from above...well I'm calling a timeout, I'm not gonna get beat by a technicality...looked pretty clean from our perspective, communication from the box (said) it was clean, good game management.

McCarthy was then asked about the run play that opened the second half:

The first play of the second half was play number five in our first ten calls, so it was really going back to the basics of how we wanted to run the ball against them...they overplayed some of our runs, our guys just kept battling, Eddie was outstanding the way he ran the football...we just played clean football in the second half.

On the possibility of Randall Cobb returning soon:

Randall Cobb's workout today I was told was very good. We'll see how he is tomorrow. Wednesday is when we set the plan.

McCarthy was asked about the rumors that he has been one of the names mentioned in the head coaching vacancy at the University of Texas:

I don't have a reaction. Austin is a great city, obviously my daughter grew up there. I'm proud to be a Green Bay Packer. This is home for me.

There you have it from the coach himself. He's not going to Texas, and both Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb will have a plan put in place for their potential returns this Wednesday before practice.