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Insane Fan Thinks Packers Should Trade "Injury-Prone" Aaron Rodgers

Sometimes you just have to stare idiocy in the face and laugh.

Mike Ehrmann

I really want to believe this guy is just trolling. He has to be trolling. He's not trolling after all, is he?

Meet YouTube user and sippy cup aficionado, Elpresador. His slogan is, ‘I'm better at life than you' and if this video is any indication, "life" involves black and white filters, the use of repeated F-bombs, and making comments so ridiculous they make JSComments look like the collective musings of Grantland Rice.

As he explains, he's sick of everyone sweating Aaron Rodgers' nuts and he's here to drop some thick, meatheady knowledge on your cheesehead-wearing asses. In what is essentially a depressing 5-minute long commentary on the human race, Mr. Elpresador hits on a number of topics including why Aaron Rodgers is a "systems" quarterback, how Matt Flynn would never "lower himself" to doing State Farm commercials, and why if you don't agree with him you're a total dumbass and "don't know football." Also, he screams "Discount daable check" like 500 times at a pitch that would bring most canines come to attention. Seriously, this video is so messed up.

In case you need it clearly stated, this video is NSFW, so keep that in mind before you hit play.

We hope you had a laugh at this ridiculous display, and we really hope that this is just a tongue-in-cheek mockery put out by someone at The Onion. But just in case it's not, let's go out and trade away that systems quarterback for a second- or third-round pick or else FIRW TIGHTWAD TED!