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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for December 4, 2013

Today's curds sadly focus on failures throughout the Packers organization, from the general manager on down to some of the lowest players on the roster.

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Today's news about the Green Bay Packers isn't terribly promising. Basically, the theme is things not going as expected or as hoped. Whether that's Aaron Rodgers' shoulder, his backups, the tight ends, whatever, that's the over-arching message today. For once, it would be really nice for something this season to surprise us in a positive way.

Finally, make sure you check out the last link as a reminder that everyone deserves a certain level of respect when they're talking about this team, regardless of any differences.

Aaron Rodgers says scan result wasn't 'the greatest news' - JSOnline
He has a knack for understatement. Obviously, it's not good yet, since he hasn't been cleared to play.

Ted Thompson's failure to acquire quality backup QB backfires as season tailspins - JSOnline
Dunne says that having no competent backup is the #1 reason for the Packers' season being on the brink of collapse.

What positions need to be fixed by Packers? - JSOnline
Shockingly, they name the four positions that we've all been discussing around here.

Players-Only Meeting for the Packers Didn’t Work, According to John Kuhn | Cheesehead TV
Hmm. Randall Cobb and T.J. Lang being the vocal leaders? Didn't see that coming.

When Finley Went Down, So Did Production from Packers Tight End Position | Cheesehead TV
This is why the Packers absolutely need to restock the cupboard at the position this off-season.

The Post-Mortem, Week 13: Excuse Philip Rivers for having manners, jerkwad -
Whew. It's a good thing they didn't do a Post-Mortem for the Thursday games. The Packers' offense was DOA.

2013 NFL Rookie of the Year race: Xavier Rhodes, Darius Slay show improvement in Week 14 -
I know Eddie Lacy has been slowed down lately, but I'd still pick him over Keenan Allen for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Tuesdays With Jayme: Playing in the Sandbox | Cheesehead TV
We don't have any women writing for APC, but if we did, I'm confident they would be received just the same as our male writers. I certainly hope I'm not wrong on that. Jayme's piece is definitely worth a read - kudos to her for both taking the high road and standing up for herself.