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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for December 6, 2013

In today's curds, we look at Lacy's workload, injuries, and the Packers' pass rush.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Football Friday, everyone. While we wait another 48 hours or so until the Packers take the field at Lambeau against the Falcons, we have a variety of interesting things to examine in today's cheese curds. Make sure you take a look at the article on the Packers' pass rush, as it serves as a reminder that a higher number of sacks per game does not mean what you think it means.


Notes - Nick Perry prefers right outside linebacker to left - JSOnline
This shouldn't come as a shock - all of Nick Perry's sacks this year and his three forced fumbles have come on rushes off the right side. Perhaps next year Clay Matthews might be moved back over to the left side again, where he played in 2010.

Eddie Lacy's size, physical style create long-term questions - JSOnline
I'll say it again - James Starks needs to be getting more playing time and more carries.

Offensive line keeps shuffling - ESPN Wisconsin
Oh EDS, please come back. At least David Bakhtiari was just out sick from practice yesterday, and hopefully he'll be fine by the weekend.

Inside Slant: ACL injuries -- on grass (!) - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
This is a bit of a surprise. 34 of the 39 ACL tears this season took place on grass-based surfaces, despite a much more even split in grass-based vs. artificial surfaces (18 of 32 stadiums are grass-based). If could just be statistical variance, but it's a weird trend.

Tramon Williams hesitant to support Dom Capers' defensive scheme - FOX Sports Wisconsin
The pause Williams gave before expressing his support for Capers and the Packers' scheme will likely be something people read into.

Point of Veau: Packers Defense Racking Up Plenty of Sacks, But It’s Not Helping | Cheesehead TV
The Packers have increased their raw sack totals, but their sack rate has actually dropped, going from one sack every 19 plays or so in the first seven games to one sack every 26 plays since. Breaking it down by passing plays, it's about the same, at one sack for every 12.5 dropbacks early and 13.2 dropbacks in the last five games.

Breaking Madden: A land where 'offsides' has no meaning -
Jon did it again. The part where Brees smiles at Jon has convinced me that game consoles are now self-aware.