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2013 Packers Roster Evaluation: Still One Of The "Power Teams"

After completing an evaluation of the Packers’ roster for 2013 it seems there are more questions than answers. Despite these questions the Packers are in a good place entering this offseason and appear to be one of the Power Teams in the league.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the week we have been breaking down the Packers’ 2013 roster as it stands right now. I have to admit that the process was a bit sobering. Each new article found a way to point out that the team has a litany of questions that need to be addressed this offseason, and unfortunately there are not simple answers for any of these questions. So out of this negative place we thought to bring you some good news. Pat Kirwain at CBS came up with a list the "Power Teams" going into 2013. These teams are the five teams he thinks are best situated going into 2013, and the Packers landed at number 4 on his list.

Kirwain used eight factors in order to come up with his list including: the team’s record in 2012, the number of returning starters, is there a franchise QB and is he number contract, how much cap room does the team have right now, are the coach and coordinators back, how many "significant players" does the team have with five or fewer years of experience, how many veterans look to be cap casualties, and does the team have a full complement of draft picks?

Here is what Kirwain had to say about the Packers:

4. Green Bay: The Packers won 11 games in 2012, have 20 returning starters, Aaron Rodgers is still under contract and they have a modest $7 million in salary cap space. They have 12 significant players with five or fewer years of experience and seven draft picks.

The bottom line of this analysis is that the Packers are in a good position heading into this offseason. They still have the best quarterback in the league and a deep pool of talent at most positions. Even better, the Packers have the cap space right now in order move forward through the 2013 offseason without needing to make a rash of cuts other franchises will have to face….like for example what the New York Giants had to do this week releasing Chris Canty and Ahmad Bradshaw.

In our own analysis most positions came in with a grade around a B. More than one of those positions could make a quick jump higher with a simple upgrade of depth, for example WR and OLB. Other positions can be improved as some of the young players at those positions continue to grow and develop; examples of this would be the TE and S positions. All of this points to positive outlook going into 2013. If the Packers can make the right moves and continue to develop the talent on the roster then they will be in prime position to be in New York in 2014 for Super Bowl XLVIII.