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Find Your 7: Green Bay Packers' Roles

Which Packers fill the various emotional roles on the team? Today we examine the way the key players fit together.

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Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hyundai's Super Bowl commercial was pretty funny; in fact, it's one of the few this year that I actually remember making me laugh out loud at any point in the game. Granted, it wasn't as funny as watching the CBS on-air "talent" struggle through a 35-minute delay, but it was still funny. Don't remember the ad? Check it out here.

Anyway, we've been asked to identify seven key Packers to match up with the roles on Hyundai's team as part of the "Find Your 7" promotion. Here's what we came up with, though feel free to second-guess us or discuss who you'd pick for each of these roles.

The Captain - Aaron Rodgers

Can there really be any doubt about this one? Rodgers is the public face of the team and plays the most glamorous position in all of sports. He's the one who decides who gets the ball on offense; he's the one who the team looks to in close games to finish off the win.

The Brain - Charles Woodson

In recent years, Chuck has had no choice but to rely more on his instincts and experience than on his physical talents. He's still able to bait quarterbacks into dangerous passes, and he has passed on a wealth of knowledge to the young defensive backs around him in the secondary.

The Motivator - Clay Matthews

Clay's nonstop motor and relentless pursuit of quarterbacks and running backs alike has got to rub off on his teammates. How can you take a snap off when you know that the overall most physically gifted player on your defense is also its hardest worker?

The Muscle - Josh Sitton

He's the best big man on the team, and the only lineman who's as good providing a push in the run game as he is at protecting Rodgers. And after all, the muscle on the team is usually the one protecting its captain; it's the right choice all around.

The Prankster - James Jones

Remember this little gem from a few months back? Well it came on the heels of Jones starting the prank war by filling Greg Jennings' car with packing peanuts for his birthday. John Kuhn is an honorable mention here for the shaving cream pie to Rodgers' face last preseason.

The Technician - Randall Cobb

Cobb has become a great weapon out of the slot and the backfield. He's learned great route-running skills from Jennings and company, and is a true student of the game. He can be deadly when put to use in the right ways.

The Loose Cannon - Jermichael Finley

Could this one really go to anyone else?

There you have our votes for each of the team members. Did we leave out anyone critical? Are we totally off-base? Let us know in the comments.